Howdy pardners.

Lil Bit

Yo what up.  This is the SCUM BUCKET store.

If you want me to address my "thank you" notes to another name, let me know in the order notes. 

Also, free USA shipping over $36 at checkout.  Free international shipping over $100!

Thanks gals, guys, and omnipotential Spys!


The SCUM BUCKET is a store run by me (SCUMSUCK) and my wife Deflectric.  We're just two guys who draw and write dank yaoi in our North Carolina hermit hut.  I'm Chinese-American and he's a long-haired black and white Southern Fold cat.

DIY is punk and sexy, and I'm a sexual tyrannosaurus.  I design everything in my store.  Stickers, zines, and art prints are print, and cut in my home studio with the help of my wife.  We use our trusty Canon printer, a Silhouette portrait, and a big ol' guillotine.

We use recyclable and compostable packaging, like non-waxed glassine bags and paper envelopes. Our packages avoid plastic whenever possible.  We may use recycled + reused branded polyester shipping envelopes.  I ain't saving the whole world by myself, but we can minimize our environmental impact.

All proceeds from this store goes directly to buying dog, cat, and chicken food.  And lots of cat litter.  Beware if you're allergic to cats!  You may get a stray cat hair on your package...

I'm able to find the time to draw fictional serial killers with their tits out because of customers like you.  Thank you!  Shout out to all my commissioners who pay me to draw their fictional faves with their tits out.  If ya want me to draw your fave on a daki or charm, take a look at my prices.